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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Feb 14, 2013 1:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Random Thought Of The Day: The Problem With Pockets – One Head’s Journey To Freedom

My trick is to put the keys away while still "straight" and then don't even think about them again until its time to find the car...chances are if you can find the car you can find the keys and vis-versa. A good sobriety test.

The worst thing you can do is to take them out and handle them while in a state of uncertain mental capacity. That is how they get lost, because then you have no idea what happened to them or if you even had them or if you are actually even here...or where here really thing you know you are twirling.

I had to walk the streets of SF after a Warfield show for a few hours trying to find my car. The problem turned out to be that I would always turn around thinking I had gone too far - psychedelic time warp -turned out I was only walking 2 or 3 blocks before freaking out and turning around and going back to the Warfield and then starting over again. I finally walked just another block and there it was right where I left it. The drive back home on the bay bridge was like a video game at 4am. Just me and my car and all the pretty lights. I must admit that some of the very best times I had at a show were when I went alone, I could be anyone I wanted, no one was thinking - he sure is acting strange tonight. Freedom!

we smuggled in a whole 12 pack and an ice chest to a Hampton show in '86. The folks around us were impressed.

Two big guys with a 6 pack each strapped to their backs and one mule carrying an empty cooler...the mule went in 10 folks behind us. She said they were confused but had no rule against an empty cooler so they let it pass.

Once inside we scored ice from the vendors and VIOLA - a cooler full of Bud on ice. We traded a few for whip-its. It was more for the "we did it" thing than anything else. After a few hundred concerts you need to add some spice to keep it interesting.